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A company is built on people. If the company loses people, it could say goodbye to the market and dissolve into the vapors of insolvency proceedings. Well, this was an extreme, but still. High employee turnover (or fluctuation) is an extremely expensive issue.

The Predictive Index came up with a study (2021) among 2000 employees across 15+ industries and found out that 63% of employees with a bad manager are thinking of leaving their company within the next 12 months.

The outcome of this is clear. It is not good for your company if employees think low of their manager:

This case is a bit of a catastrophic scenario but it shows that the quality of managers affects success of the company a lot. By keeping high quality managers, we optimize our costs in human resources. Don’t be afraid and count the catastrophic scenario in your company, just for fun. Choose one of your important teams, and count up:

You can just experiment and multiply this number by the number of teams in your company. This will help you understand that proper interpersonal functioning in a team is a value that can be expressed in monetary terms and can have a huge impact on a company's turnover. It will help you understand that good workplace relationships are not just a sentimental ideal, but a business variable.

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How to effectively approach interpersonal functioning by surveying employees

Proper employee surveying has well-known bright sides. Anonymous surveys open the doors to honest feedback and especially when evaluating qualities of the supervisor. Employees don’t openly give bad feedback to their manager in person. If the manager is really “bad”, they would risk losing their job too soon.

Compared to repeated discussions with an HR assistant who may only take notes, surveying enables observing the situation in time on the basis of regularly collected data. Survio generates an automatic real-time analyses, you don’t need to process the data by yourself. You just share the survey and all the charts and tables to various questions in the survey are created automatically. That saves tons of time.

So you can track the atmosphere in the team overtime, uncover pain points and work towards their improvement. You can also evaluate if the manager is able to change their approach to the team members overtime.

If employees see that their voice is heard and great changes are being implemented, their engagement begins to grow.

To companies that have never conducted any online survey, this might still seem as too complex and time demanding. Just return to the calculation of the catastrophic scenario. It really pays back to work on interpersonal relations. To create and share the survey is really quick, you can choose from 100+ fully-editable survey templates or create your own survey in a few minutes.

Don’t be afraid of negative feedback coming from your employees. It is the kicker to a better tomorrow. Without this feedback you wouldn’t get an impulse to change things and protect the wellbeing of the company. Be happy about the positive feedback you get. It always feels motivating when the data proves that you have done something right.

Questions for the supervisor evaluation survey

There are many areas related to supervisor evaluation you should concentrate on to get an objective view. This could, however, cause that the survey will be extremely long and employees won’t be happy about losing too much time with the survey. To avoid that, use the benefits of a matrix question. Every line of the matrix contains a statement. In the columns you’ll have the Likert scale and employees will evaluate every statement with the level of their agreement. Even when the whole matrix can look a bit extensive, it will be answered much faster than presenting every statement as an individual question of your survey.

Areas that you ask about in the supervisor evaluation survey

Example of the matrix question statements

Other examples of matrix question statements:

When it comes to evaluating qualities of the manager, you’ll appreciate the semantic differential. In contrast to the Likert scale, which only measures the level of agreement, the semantic differential can distinguish subtle differences and nuances in the respondent's attitude. It uses a bipolar scale for representation. The respondent's task is to express on the scale which pole he or she leans more towards.

Example of semantic differential

Other examples of contradictions for semantic differential:

You can also use standard single choice or multiple choice questions, you can give the respondent the opportunity to express their feelings about the manager in an open-ended text question. Before you start creating questions, think first. You don’t need to put everything that you just read about into your survey. Define what is crucial to observe regularly in your company. Then, you can create concrete questions that reflect your goals and bring you coveted data.

What benefits do you get by using Survio?

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How to share your survey?

Reach out to your employees in the most convenient way for them. There are various ways to collect responses, browse through our blog and Help Center section. Share your survey:

Tip: We talked about how important it is for your employees to know that the survey is anonymous. If you share the survey via individual e-mail invitations (a built-in feature), you will see the e-mail of the respondent in the results. This is such a great feature when it comes to customer satisfaction surveys but when you share a supervisor evaluation survey to your employees, we recommend to share it via link or through a QR code.

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Do you need to present the results to the top-management? Download Survio’s ready-to-use reports. Have them in one click in various formats PDF, .DOCX, .PPTX, .XLSX, .CSV or Google Sheets).

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